Casting Part With High And Low Pressure Die Casting Process- The Difference

July 21, 2014
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Die casting is a process that is used for manufacturing various complex geometrical models via recyclable moulds or dies. For manufacturing pressure die casting part, manufacturers in India use furnace, metal, die and die casting machine. In the unit, the engineers use two types of die casting machines – high pressure die casting machine and low pressure die casting machine.


Low pressure die casting process involves use of permanent mould for fabricating casting parts. The low pressure die casting part is made by filling the molten metal into mould from below. And low gas pressure holds the metal until it becomes solid. It is less complex to machine low pressure die casting part. The engineers don’t need to invest their time in finishing the availed products; therefore trimming cost is not involved in this process. The flexibility of designing is relatively high in low pressure die casting method.

High pressure die casting process involves casting of identical parts in bulk. It is also done by filling the mould with molten metal under pressure. Engineers have to use complex machining tools for fabricating high pressure die cast parts in India for quality production. The process offers the best surface finish and well grain surface part that possesses high strength. Unlike low pressure die casting, these casting parts may have porosity. Casting pats achieved from this process are dimensionally accurate and involve less trimming or cutting.

If you need small quantity of casting parts from Indian manufacturers, you can select the one who provide low pressure die casting parts. However, for large production, high pressure die casting is preferable. You can expect quality, high tensile strength, durability and robust designs from Indian pressure die casting part manufacturers and exporters.

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